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The Keystone ACO, often referred to as KACO, is a group of doctors, hospitals and other health professionals that work together to provide efficient, high-quality and coordinated care to patients with Medicare fee-for-service as their insurance.

The Keystone ACO is dedicated to Triple Aim Goals, a concept created to:

  • Provide better healthcare services
  • Improve health of the population
  • Lower healthcare costs

KACO has been in operation since 2013 and is comprised of more than 4,500 doctors and providers, 18 physician practices and 9 hospitals. The organization serves over 78,000 Medicare beneficences in central and northeast PA and surrounding states (NY, NJ and MD).

Helpful resources 

Educational materials to help you stay healthy. Click on each PDF to learn more.

Understanding your beneficiary rights

Keystone ACO provides custom care that addresses your individual health needs. Working with an ACO does not affect your Medicare benefits or the cost of your coverage. That’s because the Keystone ACO is not a Medicare Advantage or HMO Plan. You have the right to choose to receive care from any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, at any time.

Because your healthcare organization and providers have decided to participate in Keystone ACO, you won’t need to do anything to receive the benefits offered. Keystone ACO beneficiaries will receive notification of their providers’ participation and notices will be posted in participating providers’ offices.

Keystone ACO beneficiaries have the right to contact Medicare at any time with questions or concerns, or to opt out of data sharing with the ACO at 800 MEDICARE (800-633-4227).

What are the benefits of Keystone ACO?

Your doctor has chosen to participate in Keystone ACO. Because of this, there are many benefits available to you to help keep you as healthy as possible.

The Keystone ACO is continuously working to find new ways to keep you as healthy as possible, from coordinating care between your primary care doctor, nurse case managers, pharmacists and specialists, to providing you with an annual wellness visit at no cost.

You’ll also receive KACO Connections, our quarterly newsletter, which includes helpful information on:

  • Healthy eating tips
  • Exercise plans
  • Information about health screenings
  • Education about specific conditions or risk factors

Read the latest issue of the KACO Connections newsletter

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